Survived St. Paddy’s Day!

18 03 2011

Okay, I’m originally from Nova Scotia so St. Patrick’s day is a huge holiday for me and for some of my friends here in the states, it is as well. This year I did not have a drink and did not partake in any of the sweet gluttony that occurred with all the insanely delicious sweets and breads and goodies. I had a wonderful time at the party but didn’t even have to conger up any will power. I just had no interest in eating any of the junk. Is that weird? I thought that by almost 2 weeks into this diet that I would be dying for something sweet but it’s the complete opposite!

My lupus symptoms seem to be diminishing as well. I generally have no pain or stiffness in the mornings anymore. Which is huge because it usually took me a little while to get out of bed and now, nothing! Yay! I’ve been having pain in my ankles towards the end of the night but it seems like sleep takes care of it. And no steroids! I’m still taking hydroxychloroquine but no prednisone is a true blessing. I can’t wait for my “moonface” to disappear.

Received my Vibram’s yesterday and I love them! I went for a walk with the girls yesterday and my feet have never felt better. I still can’t believe that people are running marathons in them but they’ll be perfect for my 5ks and resistance training.

Off to take my 3 year old to dance class.





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18 03 2011
Susan Morgan

Great to hear! Can I ask, what are you eating for breakfast now, two weeks in? I have been eating eggs (I forgot, are you eating them?), but occasionally am having protein like fish and berries or something else. This a.m. had chicken and grapefruit, which was odd but satisfying. It’s great your pain and stiffness are gone in the a.m. and that you’re feeling so energetic.

18 03 2011

Eggs mostly but I’ve had chicken and salad too. It’s very weird eating meat like that in the morning. Oh and I usually have back bacon (aka Canadian bacon) with the eggs too. I definitely need to try to be a little more creative but it’s really hard first thing in the morning! Grapefruit, yummy! I’ve been sticking with berries, pears and apples. Oh, and I had an orange the other day. I might have to get some grapefruits. Yeah, I’m really feeling great and I hope it lasts. I would really like to start weaning off my meds but I’m not going to even consider that until maybe 4-6 months in. How are you feeling? Are your hands any better?

19 03 2011
Susan Morgan

I’m feeling good, too. Start my 8th week Monday. My left hand is amazingly better. Previously, the middle knuckle was swollen and sometimes hurt to touch or if I’d bang it, and while it’s occasionally still a little puffy, it’s like 70 percent better all the time. Amazing. Can it really be that we were our own worst enemies with the healthy grains we were eating? Kind of shocking. I’d even gone off gluten previously and it didn’t have this impact, I guess because I kept eating rice and oatmeal. Anyway, yeah, it’s amazing. I even noticed something weird last week – my breath is different! I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it’s unquestionably better. I haven’t considered lowering meds yet, but I go to see my rheumatologist in mid-April and will be curious if my tests show anything. I’m betting they will.

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