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25 03 2011


I’ve moved my blog over to blogger. There are more widgets and things for me to play with and add to the blog.

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Do you do D3?

25 03 2011

So, I joined Mark Sisson’s MDA blog today. I started a thread summing up my experiment and my goals and got some interesting feedback. Two people suggested that my vitamin D (specifically D3) levels were most likely low. I started looking for research about D deficiency and was quite surprised at the current literature. Sure, I knew that D is created by sun exposure and aids in calcium absorption but apparently it has many other functions that are still being identified. It’s importance has been relatively overlooked and is now being studied further. Some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include: muscle pain, weak bones/fractures, low energy and fatigue, lowered immunity, symptoms of depression and mood swings, and sleep irregularities.

It sounds like it may be the next “oatbran” but I would rather be safe than sorry. Many sources suggest an RDA of 5000-10,000 IU per day. This is a staggering amount compared the FDA’s RDA of 200 IU per day for those under 50 years of age. The FDA’s recommendation was established as the minimum amount to prevent rickets. So, if in fact the vitamin (which is actually a hormone) is necessary for more processes than just calcium absorption, I’m betting that the current RDA is way too low. There is a lot of anecdotal information about the benefits of taking the higher suggested RDA.

I am positive that I am D deficient. Your body makes D by sun exposure and eating certain foods like fatty fish. Winter is finally over and I was vegan the last 7 months (eating no fish or animal products). So needless to say, I’m sure my level is extremely low. As for the symptoms, I do suffer from fatigue (which I have just chalked up to lupus symptoms and starting the paleo diet) and sleep irregularities. My sleeping has been super erratic over the past year because I have a 1 year old, but she’s been sleeping through the night for months now and I still have problems.

So, I’ve ordered my vitamin D3 supplement and it should be arriving today. I’ll keep you up to date with how it makes me feel, if in fact there is a noticeable difference.

Until then,

2 and a half weeks

23 03 2011

It’s late so a quick post…

After 2 1/2 weeks, I’m down 6.5 lbs. After researching online, this is far less than a lot of people lose on this diet especially right in the beginning. I think it’s because I’m an avid fruit eater. I love it so it’s hard for me to give up. I mean, come on, I’ve already given up sugar, processed food and all grains! I swear, if I lived 40,000 years ago and there was a famine where everyone starved to death, I would be the last one standing!! My body just doesn’t give up weight or fat at all! I’ve been keeping a food journal on fitday and I’ve been consuming roughly 1100 calories per day, which is insane (btw, I don’t feel deprived, I actually feel fairly stuffed all the time so I’m finding myself having to make myself eat). So, I either have the slowest metabolism ever, or possibly my body is still adjusting and I’m in for some pound meltage soon.

Lupus symptoms are at a minimum. I’m having a bit of right hand stiffness late at night but again, it’s gone by morning. Oh yeah, I stubbed my baby toe yesterday really hard and I think I probably broke it. It’s very painful and there is nothing really that I can do besides tape it up. The unfortunate thing is that I can’t currently wear my Vibram’s. They are fantastic. They are the only shoe that does not give me shin splints after running.

Okay, I’m off to bed – the in-laws are coming for a week long visit on Saturday and I have to do the deep cleaning before they get here and I’d like to enjoy Friday without running around trying to get last minute things done. Really – I’m the biggest procrastinator so we’ll see!

Had myself some cow

19 03 2011

Okay, I did it. After much deliberation, I finally did it. I ate some cow. I had a steak. A new york strip. And I have to say that it was delicious. And I ate all 8-10 oz. of it!

Now, it’s definitely something I’m only going to be able to do once in a blue moon. I think I’ve had my fill for about 6 months. But I have to say, I cannot believe how good it was! I thought I would be grossed out, maybe even a little nauseous but nope, after one bite that steak was as good as gone. I have no idea where I put all that meat! I also don’t feel all bloated and sleepy and dopey – I think the carbs are what really make you feel like that (ok tryptophan in turkey). I couldn’t go out for a run right now but I don’t feel like a stuffed pig either.

I’ve been finding that all food is starting to taste better. I love salad and always have but it’s starting to taste sweeter to me. I often eat a mesculin mix which is more bitter than a straight romaine but not so much anymore. Can salad greens really be tasting sweeter?

On another note, I did the primal blueprint resistance training again yesterday and I’m a little sore today. It is definitely getting a lot harder as you move up the levels (and I’m only on level 2 for 2 exercises). I don’t think you really understand how out of shape you are until you are asked to lift, push and pull your own body around. I can go to the gym and do a pretty good weight circuit but I can’t do a pull up to save my life! I really want to be stronger and more limber. I love this workout routine and can’t wait to get there!

Survived St. Paddy’s Day!

18 03 2011

Okay, I’m originally from Nova Scotia so St. Patrick’s day is a huge holiday for me and for some of my friends here in the states, it is as well. This year I did not have a drink and did not partake in any of the sweet gluttony that occurred with all the insanely delicious sweets and breads and goodies. I had a wonderful time at the party but didn’t even have to conger up any will power. I just had no interest in eating any of the junk. Is that weird? I thought that by almost 2 weeks into this diet that I would be dying for something sweet but it’s the complete opposite!

My lupus symptoms seem to be diminishing as well. I generally have no pain or stiffness in the mornings anymore. Which is huge because it usually took me a little while to get out of bed and now, nothing! Yay! I’ve been having pain in my ankles towards the end of the night but it seems like sleep takes care of it. And no steroids! I’m still taking hydroxychloroquine but no prednisone is a true blessing. I can’t wait for my “moonface” to disappear.

Received my Vibram’s yesterday and I love them! I went for a walk with the girls yesterday and my feet have never felt better. I still can’t believe that people are running marathons in them but they’ll be perfect for my 5ks and resistance training.

Off to take my 3 year old to dance class.